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Class schedule


You can submit your homework either as solo or as a group of two. To communicate about your homework, create a channel in our slack group with a name starting with grp_ and then with the initials of the members of your group. For instance the TA (Arjun) and myself (Thibaut) would be grp_at. Then please add Arjun and myself as members of that group. I recommend you make your channel private. Submit the analytical parts directly to this slack group.

Computational homeworks should be submitted as a self contained R markdown file. Please submit the Rmd file as well as the generated html output.

End of class project


Grading scheme

Overall grade will be 2/5 homeworks, 2/5 midterm, 1/5 project.


These are some books that can be helpful to dig into more details of the topics covered in class. These books are not required for the class.